Motorsport UK Getting Back on Track

With motorsport restarting just over two months ago and more Autotests now being held in Northern Ireland we have summarised the current Covid-19 guidance for entrants and spectators.

Government backing for motorsport will only continue while we all play our part in maintaining the safest possible environment to the highest standard, accepting and embracing evolving guidance.

As recent as this week revised protocols by the Government have meant updated guidance for motorsport in the UK. These are included below (4, 5 & 6) and will be come effective from Monday 14th September.

Our 10 point guide to Covid-19 motorsport measures

1. I am an official, marshal or entrant and I have tested positive for COVID-19 or have COVID-19 symptoms?

In short, do not attend any events until 14 days after a positive COVID-19 test or 14 days clear of Covid-19 symptoms. Symptoms are any of the following:

  • A high temperature
  • New continuous cough
  • Loss of taste or smell

Similarly do not attend if any household members are showing symtoms above.

2. What if I become unwell during the meeting?

Isolate yourself from others. Contact event organisers to let them know of your condition and leave the venue.

3. Will there be safety checks?

Some clubs may opt to do a temperature test on entry to the site. Only signing on to an event (digitally) you agree to not attend if displaying any of the symtos above.

4. Are participants required to wear a face mask?

There is now the requirement forall Event participants to wear a face mask in all areas of the venue at alltimes (effective Monday 14th September 2020).

5. I have a medical exemption from wearing a face mask.

Motorsport UK has removed the provision for individual personal exemptions from wearing a face mask and these persons will no longer be allowed to attend Motorsport UK Events.

6. What will the officials do for those that are not complying or refuse to comply with the COVID-19 requirements?

Each participant must be considerate of their actions and the impact on others.

In the event that an individual fails to comply with COVID-19 requirements in the first instance, the officials in conjunction with the COVID-19 Officer will give a gentle reminder.

Continued transgressions will result in the COVID-19 Officer bringing the report to the Clerk of the Course and Event Stewards, who will issue penalties, and the matter will also be reported to Motorsport UK and could also result in eviction from the venue.

7. Will there be spectators allowed at events?

Organisers may limit or not allow spectators to events. Where spectators are allowed they will remain cordoned off away from the ‘event bubble’. Spectators should not at anytime cross the cordon or interact with anyone in the ‘event bubble’.

8. Maintaining hygiene, through handwashing, sanitisation facilities and toilets

To help everyone maintain good hygiene, consideration should be given to:

  • Using signs and posters to build awareness of good handwashing technique, the need to increase handwashing frequency, avoid touching your face and to cough or sneeze into your arm
  • Providing regular reminders and signage to maintain hygiene standards
  • Providing hand sanitiser in multiple locations at tests in addition to washrooms
  • Setting clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets to ensure they are kept clean and social distancing is achieved as much as possible
  • Enhancing cleaning for busy areas
  • Providing more waste facilities and more frequent rubbish collection
  • Replacing hand dryers with paper towels in handwashing facilities
  • Minimising the use of portable toilets
  • Sufficient provision of automated hand sanitising dispensers in public places

9. Use of event documents

To limit contact between people at the event and documents being passed from person to person test diagrams will be supplied before the event to competitors. These should be printed and brought to the event by competitors. Signing on will be done digitally. Timing will be in most cases an online solution to prevent passing of time cards and result sheets.

10. Will catering facilities be open as usual at the venue?

You should contact the venue or organiser and review their website to confirm. Where organisers do have a catering facility social distancing must be adhered to along with any additional saftey measures put in place.

More information

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